24 hours in Vancouver

“I never expected my first trip to Vancouver to be a whirlwind 24 hours, but when flight schedules and the travel gods worked together recently, the result was just one day in the… Continue reading

Drinking snake blood in Vietnam

“Why am I doing this? I thought to myself as our taxi drove across Hanoi’s Red River and away from the lights of the city. The streets our cab was navigating were becoming increasingly… Continue reading

Interview: Rizzle Kicks

“Since their breakthrough track ‘Down with the Trumpets’ stormed into the UK charts last year, Rizzle Kicks have been winning over girls, boys, adults and grannies everywhere with their self-professed “vibes and charisma”.… Continue reading

Living in Coogee

“Coogee is a beach side suburb around 8km south-east of Sydney CBD. You might wonder where it got its bizarre sounding name – well allow me to enlighten you. Legend has it that it comes… Continue reading

Single Review: Kasper Bjorke

“Lose Yourself to Jenny is the latest disco offering from Danish DJ and Producer, Kasper Bjorke. The single is released alongside remixes from Axel Boman, Robolledo, Maxxi Soundsystem and Till Von Stein, so… Continue reading

Ski Falls Creek: Victoria

“If even the briefest mention of hot snowboarders, male or female, is something that makes your ears prick up then it’s time to sit up, pay attention and read on my friend. Falls Creek… Continue reading

Travel Perth: Hotspots

“When you think of Perth, I’m pretty sure the first thing that enters your head won’t be the banging nightlife. The reality is that bars are continually popping up all over the shop,… Continue reading

The reality of farm work in Australia…

“Unsurprisingly, battling some of Australia’s most deadly creepy crawlies and slithery suckers to harvest fruit and vegetables isn’t everybody’s cup of tea. However, if you want to spend more than one year down under, you… Continue reading

Skiing Charlotte Pass – Victoria

“You may guffaw at the idea of snow in Australia but as weird as that may sound, it’s a wonderful reality my friends.  Although many resorts have to replenish their snow supplies with hi-tech… Continue reading

Living in Bondi Beach…

“Upon landing in Sydney, there is most probably one place that is top of your list of “places to visit” – Bondi Beach. It’s undeniably the most famous and most photographed beach in the world,… Continue reading